Cash In via Bualuang mBanking application

  • Maximum cash in amount is 3,000 baht per transaction.
  • Users have to register Bualuang Internet Banking to get User ID / Password to login Bualuang mBanking
  • Cash in fee is 12 baht per transaction.

Step 1

Log on to system then select “Payments” menu > select “Product and Service” via 2 choices:

  1. Select “Bill Payment” and select “FSCUST”.
  2. Select “Top Up” and select “FSCUST” Bill Payee.

Step 2

Enter “Amount ” and click “Next”.

Step 3

Transaction is summarized for payment confirmation. Click “Yes” to confirm your transaction.

Step 4

Payment confirmation is displayed.

Wait for confirmation SMS and notification to confirm your transaction. Money is now transferred to Jaew Wallet.